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Courses and training at LET

With active participation of faculty and research staff and our professional partners, LET is the support of several undergraduate and graduate programs. They lead to transport professional positions in transport firms, local or national services, or academic research and teaching.

Regarding research training LET offers a PhD training in transport economics at the University of Lyon. The doctoral thesis may be written and presented in English. PhD students at LET benefit from good working conditions, can acquire experience with participation to research projects and exchanges with other researchers.

LET offers also several bachelor and master programmes within the University of Lyon, mainly

  • Master TER (Transport, Space, Networks), with a follow-up in PhD
  • Master TLIC (Transport and Industrial and Commercial Logistics) leading to professional positions in freight transport or logistics firms
  • Master TURP (Regional and Urban Passenger Transport) leading to professional positions in local governments or passenger transportation firms
  • A specialisation in transport engineering and economics for students in their last year of training at the ENTPE (school of civil engineers).

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