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Main research lines

Research activities at LAET are organized around three main lines :

- “Interactions between mobility and territories”

Contacts : Aurélie MERCIER and Jean-Pierre NICOLAS

This research area builds on previous work carried out by the laboratory and adopts a new approach that takes account of the increasing importance spatial issues are assuming in the challenges currently facing the mobility of persons and goods. It examines the role played by spatial structures and dynamics in determining daily travel and transport practices, and conversely the way territories are formed as a result of mobility practices and transport policies.

- “Regulation, competition, performance, incentives, appraisal”

Contacts : Christian DESMARIS and Olivier KLEIN

This research field extends the laboratory’s knowledge of the appraisal of public policies with regard to transport and spatial planning. It focuses on the regulation of networked activities which is of concern to both the academic and policy communities. The technical and organisational nature of these activities adds to the importance of economies of size and scale. Consequently, the debate on the efficiency of a more competitive market remains unresolved in a context in which the nature of the general interest is not established a priori. Ultimately, what is under debate is the purpose and implementation of regulation.

- “New knowledge about mobility”

Contacts : Stéphanie SOUCHE-LE CORVEC and Philippe ZITTOUN

This research area is concerned with gaining an understanding of mobility by applying a novel multidisciplinary approach, paying particular attention to the question of how such knowledge is generated, received , perceived and used by and on behalf of mobility stakeholders and in the context of transport policies. This research area belongs to a research dynamic which currently has a strong presence in a number of disciplinary fields and which consists of an analytical examination of knowledge “in action” as evidenced by stakeholder’s behaviors. On one hand, this research area sets out to benefit from this scientific dynamic in order to take a fresh look at transport policy and mobility. On the other, it sets out to make use of the original and specific nature of these problems to develop a more general scientific dynamic as regards knowledge “in action”.

Bibliography and open archives from LAET :

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