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On 1st January 2016 LET turned into LAET : Transport, Urban Planning and Economics Laboratory

LAET is an academic research unit specialised in transport, mobility and land use issues. Its two main academic disciplines are economics and urban planning. LAET is attached to the CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research), the University Lyon 2 and the ENTPE engineering school, which are all members of the University of Lyon.

LAET’s research staff come from various disciplines, principally economics and urban planning, but also from others such as management, geography, sociology or political science. LAET uses the concepts and tools of these disciplines in order to : understand and model the spatial mobility of persons and goods, as well as residential and activity location ; evaluate transport and land use policy ; and provide decision-support to stakeholders seeking solutions to current critical issues facing society.

LAET members publish regularly in international peer-reviewed journals, and they also provide expertise to the development of public policy in the form of technical reports, decision-support models, and the diffusion of research information through professional and popular media. With the active participation of our professional partners in the transport sector, the faculty and research staff of LAET support several undergraduate, graduate and PhD programs. Our alumni typically hold professional positions in consultancies, transport enterprises or in local, national or international administrations, or pursue academic research and teaching.